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Nonoka works part-time at a bar. Fua is his senior, an extremely beautiful girl, her white skin and especially her long, slim legs make Nonoka unable to take her eyes off. While trying to fix the tear in her stocking, Nonoka couldn't stand it anymore and kissed her. Even though she repeatedly said no, Fua always complied with Nonoka's requests. From letting him touch her legs, rub his cock on these gorgeous legs, eat her pussy and even fuck her! From then on, the two always made love to each other whenever they had the chance. In front of customers, in the restroom, in the back warehouse... Until she revealed that she was going on a date with another man. Nonoka doesn't want that and wants to use sex to make her happy, making her unable to leave him!

KBI-100 Big cock boss is lucky
 Movie Code: KBI-100 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Tominaga Nonoka