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Haru and his subordinates arrest a group of dangerous criminals. After interrogation, the two obtained information about their gang's location. To monitor, she and her subordinate pretended to be a newlywed couple who had just moved into the house opposite the target. In the middle of a hot summer, the air conditioner didn't work, the days of ambush were not satisfying sexually... Finally, both of them reached their limit and began to rush forward, licking every drop of sweat. on each other's bodies. Once the fire of lust has flared up, it cannot be stopped. Sweat and sperm mix together, the two people's bodies are always stuck together with intense sexual desire. Until the mission was completed, both of them still missed the feeling of joy when making love together and continued this relationship...

PRED-290 The female investigator was exposed and ended
 Movie Code: PRED-290 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Haru Kawamura