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As Yui Akane's favorite student, she always favors him over other students. Once discovering that Uta has a girlfriend, Yui Akane is determined to win him back. She called me out and used the excuse "I'm always thinking about "miscellaneous" things so I can't study" so she could suck my cock, helping him just focus on studying. And because Uta already has a girlfriend, Yui Akane insists that "sucking cock" is not cheating on his girlfriend, so that he no longer feels guilty and enjoys this happy feeling with her. And sucking cock with her mouth alone could not satisfy Yui Akane, next she used her pussy to "suck his cock", because her pussy only "sucked his cock" so it was not considered cheating at all. And from then on Yui Akane "took care" of my ejaculation, they made love, or "sucked cock" everywhere in the school, from the medical room, the equipment room to right in the middle of the classroom during test time. check. I was also gradually fascinated by Yui Akane's technique, he gradually had feelings for her and distanced himself from his girlfriend...

ABS-098 The female teacher is a prostitute....
 Movie Code: ABS-098 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Yui Akane