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After her mother-in-law passed away, Kana and her husband decided to live with their father to take care of him. The three people lived together very happily. The only thing is, despite having sex regularly, Kana and her husband still don't have children. Kana shared this story with her father-in-law, but he also did not know the answer. But she knows one thing, that is that her father's sperm is very strong, that's why her husband has so many brothers and sisters. Because they don't have children, the two often have disagreements. Kana decided to ask for her father's sperm so she could quickly get pregnant, and everyone would be in harmony and live happily together. Because Kana knelt down to beg, her father-in-law could not bear to refuse. At first, Kana just wanted him to impregnate her. She kept her clothes on and covered her body so he couldn't see. But the big, strong cock along with the strong strokes deep into the uterus made Kana gradually become tired. She gradually became more open, more proactive, and made love to her father-in-law like a real couple. Both promised to end this relationship when she became pregnant. But after Kana gave birth, the two could not bear it anymore, continued to fight each other and her father-in-law impregnated her again. And so, in a short time, Kana became pregnant again and gave birth to another child for her husband... My husband was infertile, I asked my father-in-law to donate sperm.

The wife asked for her father-in-law's sperm to fertilize her because her husband was infertile
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